Nothing to report

The miles continue to rack up on our Astra Sports Tourer, and so far there's very little to report.Which is a good thing. 

It means there has been faultless performance, steadily improving economy and a calm, relaxed experience for all concerned, passengers and drivers alike. In fact, passengers pick up on the smoothness of the Astra's power delivery very quickly, and the muted hum from the engine matches the almost imperceptible gear changes perfectly. That's not to say that WOY is a slug - far from it, skirts can be picked up and WOY will whistle along with the best of them, with a relaxed (there's that word again) gait that belies its speed. No, it's not a sports car, but it was never intended to be, and away from the lights WOY can hold his own.


From a 50.5 average in the first 1000 miles, WOY has now sipped his way up to 52.4 and, indeed, has bettered that by a big margin in the last 700 or so miles, turning in an impressive 54.9 as the engine loosens up. It's worth mentioning again that this is one of the quietest 'Whisper' dieals we've heard, and it's almost inaudible when on the move

The boot

Items that have so far failed to beat WOY's capacious boot:

  • A cross-trainer (seats remained up)
  • A Kawasaki exhaust system (split seat used)
  • The remains of a tree (all seats flattened, boot-liner and tarpaulin deployed)
  • 3 x Billy bookcases (split seat employed, rear seat passenger unphased)