CY17BFF Insignia Grand Sport Elite Nav 2.0 CDTi (170) Darkmoon Blue, 3789 miles

Traditional sunset shot
Insignia Grand Sport is a nice place to be at night

It's big. Very big. Inside & out. Big as in nearly 2ft (0.6m) longer than my previous long-term Astra. Saying goodbye to our Astra BiTurbo and being given the keys to BFF to run as my company car means a lot more care when parking and only just fitting on the drive. However, the payback is that in whichever seat you sit, you’ll have acres of legroom and, in this particular Siggy, a comfortable leather perch (heated in the front). The dashboard is cleaner and less buttony than the old Insignia, and navigating the controls is largely intuitive. BFF is an Elite Nav 2.0 CDTi (170) and that brings loads of kit, such as the aforementioned heated leather seats and a powerful DAB hifi. You also get lane keep assist, built-in WiFi and the spectacularly brilliant LED headlights – they are truly amazing. The cabin is mahoosive - add that to the cavernous boot and you have a fantastic family car. In fact, Insignia Grand Sport has just been named ‘Family Car of the Year’ at the 2017 Scottish Car of the Year Awards.They commended its " premium quality alongside its ample space..." and added, “Combining sleek looks with premium quality, acres of space and a fine range of powertrains made the New Insignia Grand Sport the clear winner. ” Couldn't agree more.

The engine is a peach, being smooth & quiet with an even spread of power – after 3500 miles it’s sitting at 47mpg doing mainly short commutes, which isn’t bad for a big car.

LED headlights
Spectacular performance from the LED headlights

At night, BFF is a nice place to be, with subtle interior ambient lighting and those astonishing LED headlights doing their thing - seeing them switching individual segments on & off to light the way is weird but gives remarkable coverage. We'll try and get a video up soon.

The IGT is a handsome car in its very dark metallic blue, but I must admit to not being over-enamoured with the alloys on this one. Some of the team like them, so it's down to individual taste, I suppose.

Likes: superb LED headlights, relaxing ride, subtle ambient lighting, space

Dislikes: alloy wheel design (picky, I know), boot release is a bit fiddly, that extra length does mean that you do have to be a lot more circumspect when choosing a parking space, but having said that, the excellent parking sensors help, and rear vision is good, so parking is a lot easier than it might be.

Dash is a lot less cluttered
Heated seats... smashing!
Keyless start
Keyless entry & start
Digital dash
Dials can be reconfigured