Not indicating clearly has been named as the most inconsiderate behaviour on UK roads.

58% of more than 2,100 drivers surveyed by RAC Insurance said that not signalling clearly, or failing to indicate at all, was their most hated top inconsiderate action at the wheel, ahead of hogging the middle lane of a motorway (56%) and driving too close to the car in front, which was voted for by more than half (51%). These were followed by getting angry with other drivers (46%) and selfish parking (45%). The results indicate that poor driving is rife on the nation’s roads with only 4% of respondents saying they were unlikely to see any thoughtless behaviour on a typical half-hour drive. Yet almost all drivers surveyed described themselves as being a courteous and considerate driver – only 1% didn’t.

Dickens Vauxhall's calm & mild-mannered Dealer Principal, Nick Crump, said, “Aggressive behaviour on the road, such as tailgating, rude gestures or being cut up, can impact concentration levels and increase the risk of a collision. To keep all road users safe, it’s important that drivers don’t react to everything perceived as an injustice on the road. Every one of us is trying to get from A to B as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible and it’s more important than ever to be more tolerant and show consideration for other users on our congested roads. Especially the A483!!”