Article By TJ


Mileage: 3021

Overall economy: 60.7

Faults: None

Options: Tinted rear windows, Winter Pack, 18” Bi-Colour alloys, PowerFlex bar, Park Assist, LED rear lights

As YOM heads towards being available for sale on its 3-month anniversary, it continues to fulfil its role as a family car with precision and competence – everything we’ve thrown at it has been handled with aplomb. Whether it’s as a motorway-mile-munching long-distance business car or as a trip-to-the-shops-for-the-weekly-shop workhorse, YOM has coped easily and been a revelation in many areas. The engine has proven to be frugal, quiet and increasingly powerful – the ‘Sport’ button has been used a little more often than in previous reports, and the tightened steering and sharper throttle response make an appreciable difference when you’re in the mood.

Having covered all the tech before, suffice to say that it all works beautifully, unobtrusively, and effectively. OnStar is superb, and the integration with the SatNav is a real plus-point; getting directions to your destination is easy – type it in via the 8” touchscreen, send them from the app on your SmartPhone, or press the blue OnStar button and get a real live person to send them to the SatNav remotely. It all works seamlessly.

Park Assist - see below

So, a short report this time, but a good question from a Facebooker – would we spec the same car again? Well, yes & no – Yes, we’d choose all the options we have on YOM (the Winter Pack of heated front seats and steering wheel is brilliant!) but we’d add an option that wasn’t initially available – the sunroof. This, obviously, lets in a lot more light, but also adds a grey roofliner as opposed to the current black – it can be a bit gloomy in there.

So, as of January 30th CY65YOM will be available to buy – anyone fancy a test drive? Give the guys a call on 01978 290077.

Park Assist

According to Vauxhall, YOM's "inch-perfect" optional Advanced Park Assist is "...quicker with our hands-free advanced park assist and rear-view camera technologies." We'd have to agree - if you are not great at parking, or if over-the-shoulder mobility is a problem, PA is a must. It's simple to use, accurate, and finds appropriate spaces with unerring accuracy. We have two very minor quibbles; 1) When bay parking (as opposed to parallel) it can be a bit too much of a perfectionist, taking a few more shunts than you would probably do yourself. But having said that, it does do a fine job of alignment and will definitely get the car in. 2) The camera, while perfectly adequate isn't the highest resolution you'll ever see - Sky HD has nothing to worry about!

Switch to parallel parking and it's done in a flash - usually in one, with no shunting.

If you'd like to book a test drive, give us a call on 01978 290077