Article By TJ


Mileage: 501

Economy: 58.4

Faults: None

It’s been a busy first week for the new Astra, with 500 miles disappearing under the wheels in a blur, mainly due to a combination of test drives (everyone wants to try the new more powerful engine and play with the satnav) and an unusually busy social calendar (well, the junior member of the team had a lot of football matches).

And we’re delighted to report that the car hasn’t missed a beat – there’s always the niggling doubt that, as one of the very first examples of a new model, there’ll be initial snags but those fears are totally unfounded. YOM has performed perfectly, all its tech has done exactly what it’s supposed to do, and we’ve been mightily impressed with the whole experience.

The star of the show so far is the engine – it’s proven to be eerily smooth & quiet, with lots of torques and great economy, despite the best efforts of a whole bunch of leaden-footed test drivers. As you can see, overall mpg has hit 58.4 – remarkable for the first 500 miles of a new, tight engine. Maybe a more accurate reflection of the actual mpg is the figure for the last 200 miles which is hovering around 64mpg. You’ll find yourself always a gear higher than you thought, such is the power of the engine – the Gresford Hill on the 483 is tackled easily in 6th without a whisper or any apparent effort at the speed limit (or at the more usual 57mph of the early morning commuter queue). 

Niggles? Not really – they’ve changed the angle that the key goes into the barrel (which is only a problem if, like us, you drive lots of different Vauxhalls every day) and the occupancy indicator for the rear seatbelts seems to take an age to go off, but apart from that there’s nothing that springs to mind.

The car is also being praised by everyone for its comfort and quietness – even the concrete section of the A483 fails to upset its composure.

This car is truly packed with tech, and we’ll cover that in detail in the next report, but suffice to say – no problems so far and the youngest member of the team is a huge fan of the built-in Wi-Fi!

If you’d like a test-drive, call the sales team on 01978 290077