Mileage: 7

Economy: N/A

Exciting times - our new company car has finally arrived, and it's a beaut.

This will be the first of a series of reports on this car, so we can hopefully pass on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of running a brand new car. We won't hold back - if something goes wrong we'll tell you, but straight out of the box all seems well. No squeaks, no rattles, everything works as it should and it's certainly packed with technology, some of which will take a little getting used to. For example, this car has 'Lane Keep Assist' which will gently steer the car back on track if you wander out of your lane. If you habitually don't indicate when you change lane, this will be something of a culture shock as the car takes over and tries to guide you back (you can switch it off if you want to), but the safety benefits are huge - a moment's inattention on the road could see you veer into oncoming traffic- this will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The spec

SRi spec already brings a huge chunk of kit (including OnStar) and we added a bit more, in the name of science. This car now has:

  • Navi 900 IntelliLink system
    - Fully integrated European sat nav system
    - 8-inch colour touch screen17-inch 5 twinspoke alloy wheels
  • Front fog lights
  • Leather-covered steering wheel
  • Sports-style front seats
  • Adjustable front armrest
  • Storage pockets on front seat backs
  • Six premium speakers
  • Rain-sensitive windscreen wipers
  • Automatic lighting with tunnel detection
  • Automatic anti-dazzle rear-view mirror
  • Sport switch (not sure waht it does yet!)
  • OnStar, your personal connectivity and service assistant with 4G WiFi
  • Driving Assistance Pack One, featuring intelligent forward camera system
  • Remote control alarm system

To which we added...

  • Park Assist
  • Tinted Rear Windows
  • Winter Pack (heated fr seats & Steering Wheel)
  • Power Flex Bar + Smartphone holder
  • LED rear lights
  • 18" BiColour alloys

First driving impressions are that the new engine is mighty - even with no miles and being gently run-in, you can tell that it's unstressed and not struggling to move the car - a result of the weight-loss programme that saw an average 200kg loss. The seating postion is easily set, and visibility is good.The radio is powerful and easy to use and the youngest member of the team is looking forward to the 4G wifi...

If you'd like a test drive, give us a call on 01978 290077 but there may be a queue...

Via the VX configurator:

SRi Nav 1.6CDTi 136PS Start/Stop, Manual 6-speed £21,480
Power Red (two coat) £0.00
Formula Jet Black Cloth £0.00
18-inch bi-colour alloy wheels: £395

Options (7)

Parking Pack £595 PowerFlex Bar £45
Air Wellness fragrance diffuser £40
Smartphone holder £40
Dark-tinted rear windows £275
LED rear tail lights £195
Winter Pack £345

Options Total £1,930
Final RRP (incl. VAT) £23,410.00