Buying a Pre-Registered Car: It’s all good news

If you’re wondering about buying a pre-registered car, let’s cut to the chase… you get all the benefits of a brand-new car but with a smaller price tag. Simples.

So what are pre-registered cars?

Pre-registered cars are registered by a dealership before being then bought by you, meaning that you are technically the second owner of the vehicle, and will appear as such on the car’s documents. This can often take thousands off the price of the car, meaning you pay a lot less for a car that is still essentially brand new and unused.

What’s the catch?


How much can I save on a pre-reg car?

A lot. Pre-registered models also tend to be higher trim levels and spec.

What about the warranty?

You get the exact same warranty that a new car gets, running from the date it was registered.

What about finance?

With all the usual Ts & Cs, over 18s only, subject to status etc we'd be delighted to go through the various finance options available to you, exactly as we would with a brand new car. These would include PCP, PCH, HP...

Really? No downside?

Well, you show as the 2nd owner (after us) and as the cars are already registered you can only buy what we've got - you can only choose the colours and trims that we have in stock, but apart from that... no.

So, to sum up...

  • Delivery mileage megadeals offer incredible value and huge savings.
  • They are all cars that have been pre-registered by us in readiness for sale, and are essentially brand new.
  • The only mileage that the cars have covered is from the factory to us via ship/transporter/pigeon, and any pre-delivery prep or inspection.