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7000 up

As our Astra Sports Tourer Elite Nav Auto 1.6CDTi (136) ticks past 7000 miles, here's a very short update; there are no faults to report, no dramas, and only good news.

To flesh it out a bit, we'll tackle economy first - and despite dire predictions from the naysayers, WOY has continued to sip fuel and is now reporting an impressive overall average of 53.5mpg, and with the last 3000-odd miles showing 54.9mpg. Not bad at all for an 'old school' auto in an estate car driven by someone who likes to make progress. Indeed, WOY can really hustle when he needs to, as a couple of late night alarm call-outs will testify alongside a trip to Betws over the moors which was entertaining as we kept pace with a swiftly driven Focus.

The interior wears its mileage well, with no discernible marks or evidence, the heated leather seats (front & back) are still a delight on a cold morning and the heated steering wheel is a boon. As winter draws in, it will be well-used.

We should also make mention of the array of high-techery on-board WOY - the DAB radio is superb, the satnav is unerringly accurate and the Bluetooth never fails to connect to my phone.

Roll on the next 7000!

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